We love baptisms

We love baptism at St John’s! Baptism is a public statement of faith, an opportunity to share our love for Jesus and choice to follow Him. We want to celebrate these incredible moments as one Church, gathering together to support and delight in each individual’s decision to love God.  


Child baptism & thanksgiving 

The birth of a new child is a gift from God and something to be cherished and celebrated. Child baptisms or thanksgivings are a significant moment where parents make the choice to have their child raised in the christian faith, and acknowledge God’s love for them.

Contact Sue on or 0121 427 4601 (Option 2), if you are interested in having a baptism or thanksgiving for your child. We can then arrange a meeting for you to discuss this further with a member of clergy. 


Contact us 

If you are interested in baptism, or would like to find out more, do speak to a member of our clergy or email Sue on