A remarkable journey to God!


We started English classes in March 2017 and, after a year, we’ve seen God bring some of our students into the church. One of them is Diana* who comes from Bulgaria. She looks after a boy and brings him to the nursery where she heard about English class and joined one of our classes.

*Not her real name.

Her journey to God is quite remarkable, with two impressions, from the witness of her former Christian employer praying for everything, to her encounter of the Lord’s Prayer in a book by a Bulgarian politician. That was all that was needed for her to decide to believe in God.

But she wanted to know more about the Bible so we’ve been meeting up and going through the Gospel of Mark regularly.

Her enthusiasm to learn more about God and the Bible is very refreshing. Her amazement at grace and her understanding of sin in her life inspires me to look anew at the promises of God. She expressed her desire to follow him from then on. When she heard that there would be a baptism in church last autumn, she quickly signed up. She asked me for the script used during baptism and the next week she had it all translated into her language and said she wanted to fully understand what would be said. What a keen learner! Last autumn she was baptised and we rejoice with her!

Please pray that her enthusiasm never wanes and that she’ll continue to grow to be God’s powerful witness to those around her.

Heidi Helbig
Community Life, Agapé | London