'My job as a ministry trainee...'

I was at St John’s from 1999 to 2018, and graduated from university this summer.

Christ Church has been around since 1851, and has always been very traditional, using the Book of Common Prayer and a fully-robed choir. After years of stagnation, a larger London Church (St. Helens) were encouraged to send a person to apply for the vicar vacancy in 2010. They were successful, and Mark O’Donoghue has been the incumbent since. The Church has preserved its use of the BCP and choir, while also starting a contemporary 6pm service aimed at workers and students from the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London.

My job as a ministry trainee is split into three areas. Church administration and practical setting up for events; training to teach the Bible through the Cornhill training course; and pastoral work in Church e.g. leading bible studies and giving talks.

Please pray:

  • That all the admin for moving in to my new house would be done in time

  • That I’d get to know as many people as possible this month, and especially that I would make -a special effort in remembering names

  • That I’d learn to admit my own weaknesses so I can rely on Gods strength more and more.

Zac Moxon
Ministry Trainee, Christ Church | Kensington, London