Mission trip to India

For two and half weeks seven-eight of us travelled around North-East India preaching, praying for people and imparting a touch from Jesus to people’s lives. We visited seven areas where we were hosting conferences and meetings, were able to join in with the local Indian worship and meal times as well as seeing the Holy Spirit move mightily. Trevor, Sharon and Drew brought wonderful, life changing teaching to the people we met about things such as living supernaturally, accessing heavenly places and receiving an impartation. In some places Sharon and Katherine would play and sing whilst people were being ministered to. In many churches hundreds of people literally fell down like dominoes, one after the other in fast succession under the power of God. It was incredible!

On the way there on the plane and at the airport my ring and brooch broke as the superglue came unstuck. I felt God say, for the people we would encounter, that what has been stuck will become unstuck. Whilst there I was privileged to pray for many people that we met. In Gangtok, surrounded by 100’s of people lying on the floor, I prayed for a few people who were standing! They reported they had been healed of leg pain, chest pain, pain down one side of their body and in their arm and after someone thrust a phone into my hand asking me to pray for their friend over the phone, sinus problems were healed! Several people gave their life to Jesus and a couple were delivered from a demon, one during the lunch break! At a different church in Gangtok I prayed for two people for their chest & head, and knees & hip. They both said that they were healed! I also prayed for a little boy who would not eat accompanied by a desperate Father. Having previously seen breakthrough when praying for this with someone else I am believing for a breakthrough for him.

In a small place in the hills again 100’s fell like dominoes and people reported feeling better after I prayed for their heart & fear and memory & vision.

In Kalimpong and Darjeeling hundreds of people received an impartation from God and were touched by the Holy Spirit, often falling over, crying and laughing. We gave prophetic words to many, which seemed to really touch them.

In one small church high up in the hillside near Darjeeling my friend shared a word about them having swords in their hand. It just so happened that this day I was wearing my prophetic warrior sword necklace and just before, during the worship, God had said to me “put your hands out”. My eyes were closed and I saw in my hands a gold sword. I saw dragons and snakes all over the region and as I whirled the sword around they were chopped into tiny pieces and I felt the spiritual atmosphere was cleared. I only realised this was significant enough to share this with the church after my friend had shared her word. Afterwards the pastor’s wife approached me with tears in her eyes and said that there was a Buddhist monastery on one side of them that worshipped dragons and a temple on the other side that worshipped snakes and this had really helped her! Wow, I had no idea! God really was doing something powerful. During the afternoon meeting a couple of people gave their life to Jesus, two girls were healed as Trevor spoke and about 10 people spoke in tongues for the first time. Afterwards we were praying and prophesying over people and I gave a word to this pastor’s wife, which to me did not seem very significant. She started crying and later said that I had answered something she had been talking to God about and that she had been so blessed. She had actually served me lunch two years previously and so it was great to be able to be a blessing in return.

We spent an afternoon at an orphanage that Trevor and Sharon set up in Siliguri and were able to play with the children, paint the girls’ nails and take them gifts. It was great to see them and spend a bit of time with them and the family there whilst fighting off the mosquitoes!

The morning that we flew to Calcutta I saw a pair of scissors cutting bondage over the area and breaking chains. I saw a layer of covering over the area being cut open. It was like a protective layer, such as a plastic covering when you buy something new or the skin that forms on milk. Underneath it had been forming, like being in a cocoon, but it was now ready to break out and blossom. It was timely being there as they were in the middle of their Durga Puja festival and every night the streets were full of noise and music until very late, lined with people visiting temporary temples to honour this Hindu god and taking money before transporting these statues into the river on our last night. It was sad to see and we could instead bring light and the few days we spent there were full of lively worship, dancing and singing. People gave their life to Jesus, were released into their gift of tongues and were all prayed for. One night many of them were just desperate for a hug and circled all around me waiting their turn. One older lady clung to me for about five minutes on one side whilst I carried on hugging people on my other side, just so in need of that physical touch. I could relate and so knew what she needed and was able to give that to her. I felt like I received hug therapy from them all too! The following night several hundreds were lined up for prayer. I went along the lines praying for each person until I lost my voice and started whispering! A couple of them fell onto me, so touched with the power of God and we prayed for one who was screaming loudly to be released from a demon. At the end I was surrounded by over 20-30 people grabbing at me from all angles to pray for them although I still could not speak! One lady who had been in pain kissed me whilst crying as she felt so much better after receiving prayer. Another lady was unable to see. I put my hands on her eyes and prayed. She started swaying under the power of God and I caught her as she fell to the floor. I had to turn to the remaining people still tugging at my arms but left believing she must have been healed as she was so touched by God.

It was such a privilege to be a part of bringing a touch of God into these people’s lives, whether that was in the message, giving them a prophetic word, seeing them healed, giving their life to Jesus, praying in tongues, receiving the Holy Spirit and being drunk, laughing or falling over, or simply just giving them a hug of love that they needed. Our trip may have been short but I have no doubt it would have been very significant for many of them. We travelled a lot and it was great for us to often see such beautiful surroundings and to have their wonderful curries two, sometimes three times per day!

Thank you to anyone who prayed for my requests! It definitely felt that we were well protected at all times, even when we had a puncture, I mostly slept OK, I did hear a lot from God and we had wonderful peaceful team relationships and laughed lots! I was reasonably ill but I was able to mostly ignore it and it did not get much worse until after I got home! Praise God!

Caroline Harvey