Healing Prayer


We believe that God is a loving Father who wants to see people healed. Most people know someone who is affected by illness or sickness, but we believe this is not God’s desire, instead He wants everyone to enjoy freedom and wholeness. Our church is committed to following all that Jesus taught and commanded, including ministering healing in His Name, with the help of the Holy Spirit. 


Healing Prayer Centre

Tuesdays weekly | Appointments from 14.30 & 19.30 (term time only) | The Crossway, B17 0DT
The Healing Prayer Centre takes place weekly in a quiet dedicated space, allowing for conversation and prayer to be facilitated. Our trained team will meet with anyone seeking healing for physical, emotional or spiritual sickness, aiming to bring God’s healing power and presence into your circumstances through the power of prayer. 

To allow sufficient time for each individual, we ask people to make an appointment in advance. Each session will last between 30 - 45 minutes.

To book an appointment or for more information, please contact our team on healingprayercentre@stjohnsharborne.org or call 07928 396273


Healing on the Streets

First Saturdays monthly | 10.30 - 13.00 | Harborne High Street (Outside Iceland)

Healing on the Streets exists to share God’s love with each and every person on Harborne High Street through the power of prayer and healing. Whether it’s for you, a family member, or friends we will be ready to pray with anyone who is unwell, or suffering from any injury because we believe that God loves you and can heal you from any sickness. It won’t cost you anything - just a moment of your time. No need to make an appointment, just turn up!

If you want to find out more about Healing on the Streets, or have a story to tell about your experience please email healingonthestreets@stjohnsharborne.org.


Prayer team on Sundays

Every Sunday, we like to give people the opportunity to respond to what has been said during the talk, as well as receive prayer for other situations, such as healing. If you would like prayer for healing or anything else, please feel free to approach our Prayer Team at one of our gatherings.



Find out more

For more information about the healing prayer ministry at St John’s contact Antony on antonyspencer@stjohnsharborne.org