'On Palm Sunday, more than 1000 people joined us...'


Last month RCB celebrated Easter. On Palm Sunday, more than 1000 people joined us to walk around the neighbourhood with olive and palm branches, singing to the Lord. Many have heard about RCB and new people have started joining the church.

RCB is in the process of opening a new Medical Clinic in a poor area called Nabaa. Please pray for more medical volunteers to be involved in order to serve our people holistically.

The medical centre’s mission is to build healthy leaders in the community who will consequently lead and empower their fellow community members. The vision is to be a focal point in the middle of Nabaa where people come to find physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The strategy is not to duplicate the services available but to create a new pattern for providing services. We want to establish connections with nearby healthcare facilities to ensure the efficient care of the patient, to create an atmosphere of development, and to follow up with the patients post treatment. Our core values are to honour people, have a spirit of joy, and empower others.

Last month around 80 pastors with their spouses joined for a retreat. RCB with five other pastors organised this wonderful gathering. This is the first time in Lebanon when pastors from different churches have come together to pray, worship, have fellowship, and share life. We believe that we can learn a lot from each other and that by meeting together we will create a greater unity among the Evangelical churches in Lebanon and MENA region.

Moreover, this year we hosted the Global Leadership Summit (GLS). More than half of the people who attended were not from a Christian background. Many people expressed their admiration for the whole conference. They remarked on how much they have learned and enjoyed the fellowship with Christian and non-Christian leaders.

Hikmat and Krista Kashouh
(Resurrection Church Beirut)